Ist das ein Mensch?


“The whole thing felt like Game of Thrones, but with the characters from Veep,” writes Sims, an Alabaman who joined the Trump campaign as co-host of a Facebook live program run by the campaign.

This sentence gnawed at me off and on through the day today. A man seeks to explain his experiences with the White House staff by saying it „felt like“ a television show about a fictional planet, with the fictional characters from another television show. This man was „co-host of a Facebook live program“. He doesn’t compare the staff of this White House with that of a previous White House, but with television shows, assuming (rightly?) that his readers will be familiar with these reference points.


Als gäbe es die Filmdokumente der Lager nicht. Die Vernichtung von Jüdinnen, Roma, Sinti, Homo­sexuellen, Kranken infrage zu stellen, Witze darüber zu machen, als feister Sack an Orten des absoluten Grauens rum­zublaffen, ist das Ende der Zivilisation.

Sibylle Berg’s Spiegel column brought back to me my experiences at Auschwitz and Fossoli in November.

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