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There is no symmetry

Mainstream American political commentary, with its own touching faith in fair play, customarily assumes that the two great political parties do whatever they do as precise mirror images of each other; that if one is guilty of some misstep, the … Weiterlesen

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The Wrecking Crew

For Gilder as well as D’Souza and Gingrich, liberalism was always evil while private enterprise carried within it the spark of the divine. Their superficial changeability reveals a truth about American conservatism generally: The interests of business are central and … Weiterlesen

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In some respects, Nazi expansionist policy accelerated the process of internal dissolution, because the methods of rule in the occupied territories were subsequently transferred to the Reich itself and contributed to the progressive destruction of public administration, which became more … Weiterlesen

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SFUSD Robo-Assurance

At 10:40 this morning I received a computer-generated “emergency message” phone call from the San Francisco Unified School District. A recorded woman’s voice informed me that SFUSD, like school districts in several other cities, had received threats of violent acts. … Weiterlesen

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1971 is a little uneven as a documentary, but well worth watching for its telling of the Media story as well as for its exploration of the world of white middle-class professionals active against the Vietnam war. The film blends … Weiterlesen

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How Mark Zuckerberg’s Altruism Helps Himself

The point is that we are turning into a society of oligarchs. And I am not as excited as some to welcome the new Silicon Valley overlords.

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Pakistan synonymous with terrorism?

The FBI said it is still too early to label the attack as terrorism but said Farook had travelled to Pakistan at one point. Explosives found at California attackers‘ home The coupling of a mention of Farook’s visit to Pakistan … Weiterlesen

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